There's a small town in Nebraska, USA, with a population of 1. The sole resident, Elsie Eiler, is the mayor as well as the librarian, the bartender, and many more. The town is named Monowi.
My work pertains in the fields of branding, illustration, web design, fine arts, and many other visual fields. I've never wanted to be a specialist, I want to conquer as much of the visual spectrum as possible. To be a jack of all trades, master of most. When it comes to the visual world I want to be like Elsie, the Monowian, doing the work of a whole town, and not symbolically.  Whether it be services for a client, for my community, or for my own sake.​​​​​​​
I don't particularly see myself a Designer or an Illustrator, but more as a story teller and a creative problem solver. I want to be able to tell a story through a painting, or a logo, or a website, or just with a line on a piece of paper, the medium does not matter as long as the story is out there. And as the story unfolds, I want to pave as many roads as I can on the landscape of Monowi, and be able to live up to the name Monowian.   
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