01 Overview
A Touch of melancholy (VOL. 2)
Character Paintings 2018 - 2020
Some of my favorite character paintings I illustrated from the beginning of 2018 till the end of 2020. Studying the longing, distant, and beautiful melancholic expressions on the faces of (mostly) women. Sometimes just hands, sometimes both faces and hands. Attaching personal emotions to bring forth a deeper affection towards the creation of each painting.

View the process images at the end of the presentation.  ​​​​​​​
02 Character Painting 1
Shallow River
03 Character Painting 2
The Otherside
04 Character Painting 3
Redeem The Guilt
05 Character Painting 4
06 The Process
Getting it Done
For some I started with pencil crayons, some with watercolors, some straight to digital. I don't have a set process for this style of paintings. I tend to go with the flow and let the piece direct the strokes and medium. If something isn't working I switch things up. However this series does end with the pieces being completed digitally. I play around with different filters, textures, and color correction settings to achieve a set of cohesion throughout the paintings. 

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07 Synopsis
A Touch of melancholy (VOL. 2)

2018 - 2020
I love illustrating in different styles. I am usually busy with a lot of different visual projects from design to web to other illustrations. It's not always easy to find time to create more realistic style paintings. However certain emotions, lighting, poses, atmosphere, ideas just demand a more detailed touch.

For something as individually focused as character illustrations I can comfortably finish the painting in this style, without it biting too much into my time for other projects. It's always fun seeing each painting grow, the emotions taking form and guiding my strokes towards the right direction. Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Thank you for viewing!​​​​​​​

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