01 Overview

A collection of some of my designs for Infographics. All done in diverse styles, including different styles of illustrations, iconography, graphics, depending on the brand. Some created for print, others for digital use only.

Infographic | Editorial | Production | Illustration | Iconography | Typography | Art Direction
02 Swift
For this project I was given the color palette and font for the brand (Swift), and beyond that was just large paragraphs of texts, and stats. Since I had such free reign I decided to create a simple line art illustration style to drive the point, and used the context of the information to create the graphics of the statistics. I had quite a bit of fun playing with different header sizes to provide visual interest.

One thing about infographics is that the designer should really understand the information given before starting. Once I figured out what the information was trying to convey. I split it up in its natural rhythm, provided the statistical graphics and it all came together on its own.
03 Discover Learning
Discover Learning is a learning program for various age groups. It includes an online platform and physical textbooks. I had a chance to rebrand their kids section, with a cut out style. And I designed each kid section with a theme, such as outer space, dinosaurs, rain forest etc. This particular infographic belonged to the underwater theme of the program. 

I designed the website, textbook covers and inner page graphics, and other materials with the cut out style, (to appeal to the age group). This was my first time trying this style, but learning new techniques is always fun. I also brought the sketchy style that was infused with the cut out design on to this infographic, completing the look. 
04 Homebuyers
This was an infographics for potential homebuyers, providing important statistical information on budget, size of families, square footage and more. Similar to the Swift infographic presented above, I was given the font and color palette of the brand, the rest of it was open ended. 

I created the statistical graphics based on the content, for example: adding more coins and bills to represent increase in budget, adding various bill and coin colors, and enlarging them to really show the difference. Also adding a background illustration that comes together at the bottom of the infographic, creating a linear direction, making it easy to read, and providing a sense of satisfaction as it ends.
05 Green Cities
This was more of a marketing infographic. Enticing hotel and condo management to switch over to energy saving, long lasting, and easier to dispose of products. The double sided infographic broke down all the benefits, the costs, the different appliances and systems that are compatible etc. I used icons and other illustrations to ease all the technical information and charts, with a pleasant green and yellow palette. 

I was also in charge of branding the program, designing the logos, business cards, the folders the infographics were presented in, and other stationery. Furthermore I created two sets of illustrations for the brand. A simple one for icons and backgrounds, and a realistic 2 tone technical illustration style for displaying the products and its applications.
06 Synopsis

I don't always work on full scope Cases, sometimes I am there just to add a flare to a certain section of a project. A client with their branding and website needs met will still require marketing materials, stationary, packaging, infographics etc. I make sure to extenuate the brand, find places where it has the potential to reach but haven't gotten there yet, and take it there.

Starting with the concept and providing Art direction, adding layers to the branding and seeing it through to the production phase, I am there every step of the way to provide a full service identical to my full scope cases. Some of the products here are extracted from larger cases that I took in.

Hope you guys enjoyed this collection!

Thank you for viewing!​​​​​​​

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