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Book Cover Collection (VOL. 1)
I like being a chameleon when it comes to art style. Changing it up from one to another, always keeping it fresh. I believe the content/ the concept should dictate the look. Book covers are an excellent medium for me to exercise my polyamorous relationship with styles, as from the book to book the stories are vastly different. I've presented 3 of my favorite illustrations for books I've worked on recently, hope you enjoy!

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02 Book Cover 1 
Burn The Ice Queen
This was a large scale project, I even got a chance to create custom bookmarks specifically for this series. It is a sci-fi, fantastical, book filled with suspense, mystery, rich characters full of depth, and highly imaginative settings. I took a clean approach to bring forth all those elements to this illustration, so that it doesn't get too muddy. I'm proud to put my own visual mark on such a novel.

I wanted to create an illustration style specifically for editorial purposes, for magazines, book covers, article headers etc. I got a chance to fully use this new style on this piece.

You can check out more of this Illustration style here.
03 Book Cover 2 
No Clouds Were There
The feeling I wanted to convey from this illustration is a cozy afternoon, sounds of nature coming from afar, rustling of fall leaves, hints of a day dream. Perfect setting to read this book filled with beautiful short poems that make you just want to curl up.

I went to some early childhood memories to get inspirations for this piece. Vacationing in my aunties home which was tucked away in a quiet village in Bangladesh. Overlooking a pond, where I skipped rocks as a kid. Wind carrying over distant conversations from the other side of the pond. I tried to tie in those thoughts as I painted this cover.
04 Book Cover 3
Paint Job
A dark psychological thriller, with a twisted blend of romance. I wanted to bring about a calm before the storm feeling with this illustration. Hints of danger, and mystery, and longing. Similar to the story, I brought along some subtext, and hidden elements that all come together after the reader finishes this page turner.

I used saturated blues and reds because I wanted the readers to feel a sense of contrast when they see this book. However to balance that out I used some analog grain to provide a sense of nostalgic peace.
Below is a look at all three of the covers together, displaying the different Styles. Versatility is one of my core strengths as an illustrator. As I mentioned above, I feel that the subject should dictate the style.
05 Synopsis 
Book Cover Collection (VOL. 1)

2015 - 2020
Blending in design with illustration, two of my main paths of work, it's easy to say that book covers are one of my favorite mediums to work on. As I mentioned earlier, first and foremost I see myself as a storyteller. Capturing these stories visually through these covers was a privilege.  

One of my professors used to say "To draw is to understand". Every time I take on a new style I learn something new and valuable. Hope you guys enjoyed the different styles as much I've enjoyed working on it.

Thank you for viewing!​​​​​​​

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