Hi, I'm Salehin Nobi!

Designer, Illustrator, and everything in between. To view all my work scroll below or choose:

Full Brand Guide, Marketing Website, Editorial Site, Design System, Editorials, and 360 campaign for a Fin Tech Company
Full Brand Guide, Marketing Collateral, and Web Design for an online learning platform
Cult Classics
A series of vintage movie poster illustrations for cult classic media
Branding, Marketing Collateral, Packaging and Stationary design for a Fashion Boutique.
Hip Hop Highschool
Poster and concept album cover illustrations of Hip Hop artists.
Running Violet
Identity Design, Promotional and Branding Collateral, Multimedia, Web Design and Content Creation for an Indie Alt Rock Band
A Touch Of Melancholy VOL. 2
My favorite Character Paintings from 2018-2020
Lotus Herring
Branding, Naming, E Commerce Website Design, Packaging And Stationary Design For A Fashion Company.
A Touch Of Melancholy (VOL. 1)
My favorite Character Paintings from 2016-2018
Condo Concierge
Branding, Marketing Design, Stationary Collateral, and Web Design for a high end condo amenities company.
Not Everything, Not Everytime VOL. 1
A collection of Editorial Portraits
Cumberland Studios
Branding Case Study with print and stationary design for a Post Production Studio.
The Blue Moon
Book Cover Design and Illustrations for a Sci-fi series
Branding, marketing and web design for healthy Hotel, condo and Spa Amenities brand.
Book Cover Collection VOL.1
Book cover Design and Illustration collection
Marketing Handouts VOL . 1
A collection of mid to small size Marketing collaterals.
Beasts Of The Boardroom
A children's book style book for adults. Presented in an illustrated box along with finger puppets.
Infographics VOL. 1
A collection of various Info Graphic Designs.
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